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Access Coordinator

At Access Communication Services, we take pride in being the premier event coordinator, specializing in providing top-notch interpreting services for a wide array of significant events and venues. Whether you are organizing a grand concert, prestigious award show, captivating film or theater production, high-profile conference, or any other major gathering, we are here to ensure that communication accessibility remains effortless and inclusive. 


Our tailored services cater to the diverse needs of Deaf, DeafBlind and Hearing audiences. We work closely with event organizers to meticulously assess requirements, identify potential communication barriers, and provide customized solutions that guarantee effective and inclusive communication for all participants. 


Why Choose Access Communication Services for Your Event Coordination Needs? 


  1. Commitment to Accessibility: We are passionate about creating an inclusive environment for all attendees. By working with us, you demonstrate your dedication to accessibility and show that you prioritize the needs and experiences of Deaf individuals.

  2. Customized Solutions: We understand that every event is unique. That is why we take the time to understand your specific requirements and tailor our services accordingly. From pre-event planning to on-site support, we provide personalized solutions that meet your event’s communication goals. 

  3. Deaf Perspective: Having a Deaf Interpreter Coordinator at the helm gives us a unique advantage. We understand the cultural nuances and communication preferences of the Deaf community, allowing us to tailor our services to better meet their specific requirements. This ensures that your event is not only accessible but also fosters a welcoming and respectful atmosphere for all participants. 

  4. Expertise in Big Events: We have extensive experience working with large-scale events, and we understand the unique challenges they present. Our team is equipped to handle the logistics, coordination, and interpreting requirements of even the most complex gatherings.

  5. Skilled Interpreters: We maintain a roster of highly skilled interpreters who specialize in various domains, ensuring that you receive interpreters who are well-versed in the specific subject matter of your event.

  6. Seamless Coordination: Our Deaf Interpreter Coordinator oversees the entire interpreting process, ensuring smooth communication between interpreters, event organizers, and participants. This comprehensive approach guarantees a well-coordinated and efficient experience. 

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