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DeafBlind Services

Welcome to our specialized DeafBlind interpreting services, where we offer a range of communication approaches tailored to individual needs. Our team of highly skilled interpreters strictly adheres to the Registry of Interpreters Code of Professional Conduct and is proficient in ProTactile and/or Tactile ASL, enabling seamless communication for DeafBlind individuals.


In addition to our interpreting services, we provide assistive technology services to enhance accessibility and independence for our DeafBlind clients. In collaboration with our assistive technology specialists, we are dedicated to finding the most suitable devices and tools that cater to individual requirements, empowering DeafBlind individuals to communicate, access information, and participate fully in various activities.


Moreover, we offer conavigation and support service provider (SSP) assistance, guiding and supporting DeafBlind individuals in navigating their surroundings, accessing information, and utilizing assistive technology effectively. Our primary goal is to foster autonomy and empowerment for DeafBlind individuals through effective communication and personalized assistance.


By choosing our services, you can be assured of a dedicated team that is committed to making the world more accessible and inclusive for the DeafBlind community. We strive to enhance the quality of life for DeafBlind individuals, ensuring they can participate actively and independently in all aspects of life, with the support of advanced assistive technologies.

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