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Director of ASL

The Director of American Sign Language (DASL) ensures the precision and fluidity of sign language conveyed by talents or signers across platforms, encompassing theatrical productions, commercials, TV shows, movies, and informational videos.

Within theatrical productions, the DASL meticulously refines and oversees sign language delivery throughout rehearsals and performances. By prioritizing visual clarity and optimizing sign language usage, they enrich the audience's comprehension and immersion in the production.

Across film projects, commercials, TV shows, and informational videos, the DASL guarantees sign language expertise and coherence at every stage. Additionally, they actively oversee and engage in auditions, pre-production planning, on-set production, and post-production editing, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

Should your project demand the specialized skills of a Director of ASL, please feel free to contact us. Our commitment lies in seamlessly integrating sign language to deliver exceptional visual experiences.

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